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The Plan

You work through the Phoenix Plan program by following the steps below:

You first acknowledge your desire to work for positive change in your present lifestyle.

You work out a suitable timeframe to follow the Plan [between 4 and ten weeks].

You agree to make time and opportunity available in your lifestyle to work on the Plan.

You are ready to start!

You make a thorough evaluation of your present life arrangements in order to work out what changes are needed to your existing lifestyle.

You do this by  working through the Life Evaluation Questionnaire document provided in the Plan.

You score your results to establish the priority areas for positive change.

From the priority areas for change you select a number of goals which you will work on during your selected timeframe.

You are advised not to choose more than four goals.

You list these goals in writing on the documentation pages provided.

You consider the possibility of sharing these goals with a supportive buddy.

You take each of your selected goals and break them  down into weekly targets.

Each target leads to a partial achievement  of the goal selected.

You enter your weekly targets for each goal on the appropriate documentation page provided.

If you have chosen a buddy, you plan brief weekly get togethers with her/him.

You start Week One of your personal plan and keep records of your achievements on the documentation provided.

If you have a buddy, try to talk to that person each week about your progress or difficulties.

If you haven’t got a buddy or choose not to have one, just keep working under your own steam.

But don’t give up!

At the end of your timeframe, consider your achievements and reward yourself for the progress you have made.

If you messed up, don’t criticise yourself. After all, you’ve tried hard…

Just review your goals and targets and time available, and start again.

If successful, consider using the Phoenix Plan for a second time, choosing new goals.

For more details on the Phoenix Self-Help-Plan, go to the presentation by clicking HERE  and/or download the free ebook on this site’s Free Guide page. There is also a free gift ebook for you there.