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[Main site for working through Phoenix Self Help Life Plan - instructions are detailed providing step-by-step assistance]  [this site]       

[ further introductions to Phoenix Self Help Life Plan]

[How to life coach yourself for free using the Phoenix Self Help Plan]

[if currently you’re battling with stress, conflict and frustration this site might be a starting point for self-improvement]   

[taking back control of your own life]

[Free Self-Help ebooks to assist you in making positive life changes]

[some biographical information about me]

[ some commercial links to personal development packages]

This site is one of a group of self-development web sites whose aim is to motivate you to take steps to improve the quality of your life and to provide access to free and other resources to help you achieve this.

The full range of sites in the group is listed below. Most of the sites are in some way linked to the free self-coaching Phoenix Self-Help Life Plan and include information relating to self-managed personal development. Click on any of the site addresses to have a look…