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Free Guide


Download a free full copy [PDF ebook format] of the second edition of my book Change Your Life In Ten Weeks which introduces, details and gives step by step instructions on how to implement the Phoenix Self-Help Life Plan.

The book [200 pages] covers everything you need to know about the Plan and includes copies of all documentation which you can photocopy for your personal use.

In addition, there are a number of easy to read chapters [ with related exercises] on key self-help topics [ e.g  Happiness, Stress, Communication, Self Acceptance, Gratitude] which are meant to challenge your thinking and to provide further help as you work through the Phoenix Plan.

To obtain the download you are not asked by me to register anywhere or to provide any personal details. The book is provided as a free public service. However, you may be asked at the download site to register. Your details will never to passed to me or to any other third party.

To reach the download page, click HERE

The Phoenix Self-Help Life Plan is a free online self coaching program designed to help you make the changes to your lifestyle which you see as important. It sets out an easy to follow and step by step plan by which you establish the goals that are important for your progress and shows you how to set up an individualised program to get from where you are now to where you want to be.

The Phoenix Plan is not a commercial based program and does not set out to sell or oblige you to purchase any resources. It is provided as a free public service to all.

The  Plan has the capacity to  transform your life in the way you always wanted: to become happier, more fulfilled, self-accepting and at peace with yourself. There are no charges to use the Plan, no essential memberships, no requirements to register, no obligation to purchase the published paperback.

The Plan’s program encourages you to look at your present lifestyle and to evaluate whether or not it really serves your needs. If you acknowledge that  personal life changes would be valuable, it provides step by step guidance on how to get to where you want to be.

It provides a free, online based, step-by-step program which will show how to make a worthwhile lifestyle evaluation. It explains how to work out your priority goals and suggests the adoption of a specific time frame in which these goals might be achieved. It does NOT tell you which goals you have to follow and it never tries to intimidate you with a closed set of values and/or beliefs.

As set out, the Plan covers eight to ten weeks but can be modified to suit personal circumstances. It DOES require you to have a belief in your own power to make lifestyle changes. Working through the Phoenix Self-Help Plan therefore involves a commitment to making self-selected changes to your existing lifestyle. This requires demands on personal time and a consistent willingness to maintaining the effort to achieve your selected goals. You need to be convinced that this “price” is worth the long-term benefits.

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